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Is 2022 The Time For A Fonda Kitchen Renovation?

If you are not prepared, a Fonda Kitchen Renovation can turn from an exciting project to a nightmare. Whether it is unexpected remodeling issues or contractor problems, a multitude of issues exist to derail an improperly planned home remodel.

518 Renovations has gone ahead and created a list of our 3 kitchen renovation essentials, check it out below before undertaking a 518 Kitchen Remodel:


When it comes to a kitchen renovation, creating a beautiful space is usually priority number one for a homeowner. Don’t forget that a kitchen remodel must firstly be functional! The perfect kitchen should have space to function as a work and living space, be sure to work with your contractor to ensure your Northville Kitchen Renovation results in a gorgeous, usable kitchen. 

Work together with your contractor to design a plan that includes the safety essentials in your new kitchen – make your kitchen as safe as possible. Things such as smoke alarms and ventilation should be at the forefront of your remodeling discussions (in fact, do yourself a favor and check your current alarms today).

Focus Your Fonda Kitchen Renovation 

Focusing on the aesthetics of your finished remodel – an impressive, beautiful space – can sometimes prevent you from getting the kitchen you need. At the end of day your new space MUST suit your everyday needs, especially since the kitchen is one of the most used areas of a home. Put some time into identifying exactly what your current kitchen lacks in terms of usability. Don’t hesitate to ask your contractor for some functionality-related suggestions. 

Save By Purchasing Used 

Purchasing pre-owned appliances is a simple way to save money on your kitchen renovation! Buying second hand has always been a popular way to save, but with social media it is now easier than ever to find quality pre-owned appliances for your Fonda Kitchen Remodel.   Google, Facebook, and Craigslist are all easy to use resources!

DIY projects like making countertops from repurposed material can be a good way to save. Youtube is invaluable when it comes to DIY projects, and there is a near endless supply of how-to videos/articles to help with your projects. 

The Bottom Line

A kitchen remodel often comes with many unexpected twists and turns. Minimize your headaches by creating a plan that accounts for our 3 tips!

The best way to ensure a perfect kitchen remodel is to hire the best team! For the best 518 Kitchen Remodel, call 518 Renovations today. They provide Kitchen Renovation and remodeling for Kitchen Remodel Gloversville or Kitchen Remodel Johnstown, Kitchen Remodel Broadalbin or Kitchen Remodel Mayfield, Kitchen Remodel Fonda, Kitchen Remodel Amsterdam, and all the way to 518 Kitchen Remodel Fulton Country. Get in touch now. 

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