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Here are a handful of the top benefits of spray painting your home in Gloversville:

  • Unparalleled Speed: In comparison to using a roller or a brush, spray painting is a breeze. A fresh coat of paint will increase your Fonda home’s value and protect its exterior and with spray paint you can achieve these goals more rapidly.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that spray painting does require that you cover all areas you don’t wish to be painted – and that can take a significant amount of time. The spraying itself though, is much faster than brush painting.

  • No Sanding Required: No need to worry about the costs of the laborious prep work of sanding when you’ve selected to spray paint your Fulton County home’s exterior. Your painter should, however, pressure wash your exterior walls and make sure to block off any areas where you don’t wish the paint to appear. Do check for any peeling paint or fungal growth as well before beginning.
  • Smooth Coat: Creating even coats efficiently is no problem when using this method. The paint sprayer will emit an even amount of paint when used. This enables your painter to smoothly and consistently create a field of color. You won’t see any areas with heavier texture appear when the paint is correctly applied. In other words, you won’t find heavy brushstrokes when you examine the exterior of your Sacandaga Lake home.
  • It Often Saves Money: One of the greatest benefits of spray painting your Mayfield house is that it often costs less. Because spray painting requires far less time, it’s usually cheaper than brush painting.
  • Spray Paint Easily Covers Hard-to-Reach Places: When painting with a brush, it can be hard to get the paint into the difficult nooks and crannies hidden in your exterior walls. Spray paint can easily cover these spots, however, with little extra effort on the part of your house painter.

How Does the Basic Spray Painting Process Work?

Before beginning the painting process, your painter will remove or cover anything which should not be painted from the area. Edges will be covered to protect them from paint, as well.

Your walls will then be assessed for any damage. All concerning areas will be taken care of before proceeding. Next, your painter will power wash your Broadalbin home with the correct cleaner to remove all dirt, debris, mold, mildew, or peeling paint from the exterior walls. If necessary, he or she may sand or caulk uneven areas.

Once the walls are dry and prepared, and the surrounding area is sufficiently protected, your painter will begin the process of methodically spray painting one small area at a time with the correct nozzle starting at the top of the walls and moving from the exterior to the interior. He or she will then move from area to area until your Northville house’s walls are evenly covered with your chosen color.

After the paint job is completed and the walls are dry, your painter will then remove any tape or coverings from the area. Anything which was removed from the surroundings will be returned to its proper place.

And, there you have it! After this process, your Amsterdam home’s spray painting job will be complete.

Are you curious to find out if spray painting your home is a good option for you? Contact the team at 518.Renovations. We provide home renovation services including spray painting exteriors and much more.

If you’d like to set up a painting consultation, contact us at 518-348-9000 or [email protected]. A fresh new coat of paint may be just what your home needs.

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The Benefits of Spray Painting Your Home’s Exterior [+ How it Works]

Every homeowner loves the look of a fresh coat of paint on their property. When most of us think of house painting, however, we are likely to first consider the traditional method of painting with a brush.

Yet, these days there is another choice out there that offers a myriad of benefits: spray painting. Wait – don’t go yet. We know that there are many myths around spray painting your Johnstown home’s exterior, namely that the quality level is just not as high as with brush painting. This is simply untrue. When it comes to house painting, the best quality comes from careful and proper application rather than the choice of painting method. A house may be beautifully painted with either the spray or brush technique.

Don’t follow the pack – think for yourself and consider the benefits of a spray painted home. You may just find it’s the right method for you.


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