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Top 5 Benefits of Adding a Deck to Your Home:

Increases Fun and Relaxation Time on Your Property

Deck additions are a wonderful place to host parties, drink a coffee with the neighbors, have a Sunday barbecue with the family, or curl up with a good book. If you live somewhere like Sacandaga Lake, a deck is the perfect addition to your home.

Decks allow you to enjoy the outdoors while retaining many of the comforts of an indoor space like hard floors and elevated heights to keep the bugs away. On your new deck, you can surround yourself with green space without needing to leave the house!

Many deck owners add container gardens, grills, weatherproof dining tables, and colorful seating arrangements to create an attractive atmosphere for family and guests, thus making their decks even more enjoyable places to spend time.

Boosts Property Value

A deck’s value isn’t just in the happiness it brings to your family and social circle. One that is beautiful and well-constructed is likely to boost your Amsterdam property’s value on the housing market.

Reinforces the Beauty of Your House

Whenever you take up any addition (add hyperlink here), renovation, or remodeling project you have an opportunity to further reinforce your chosen aesthetic for your home. Your style choices for your deck addition can strengthen the beauty of your Northville property, which is a joy for you and a great asset when you are ready to sell.

A Deck Suits (Nearly) Any Budget

Though building a deck isn’t cheap, you can definitely tackle this project on a budget by making sure you know just what your priorities are. If you are looking to produce a simple deck addition with standard sizing, you can save some pretty pennies. You can even hire professionals to build during the off-season, which could lower costs.

Just remember to be careful if you try to cut costs on materials. Wood that hasn’t been treated, for example, is quite cheap at the get-go but requires annual upkeep. It’s better to invest in more durable materials to save over time. Pro tip: always run your plans by your insurance company and make sure you know how this fresh new addition could affect your Mayfield property taxes before you make too many plans.

Creates More Live-able Space in Homes

When you construct a deck addition on your home, you are increasing the amount of the live-able space on your Johnstown property. More space means more room for the kids to play, greater capacity for having guests over and more square footage to add up when or if it comes time to sell your home.

By now you have a good understanding of what a deck addition can do to improve your property but you still don’t have a clue how to start making plans for it. Luckily, with the assistance of the 518.Renovations team, you should be able to get started in no time.

Together we will work through the steps below to plan the perfect deck for you.

How to Plan a Deck Addition:

Choose Your Location

First things first, make sure you understand where you can legally perform construction on your Broadalbin home’s exterior by checking the zoning regulations for your area or consulting a professional.

Once you know where you are allowed to install your deck addition, determine what location will be the best for you. How much sun or shade is present in the area? Is it easy to access for everyone in the family?

Select the Optimal Size for a Deck

Depending on the size of your Gloversville home, a large or small deck may look out of place. Carefully consider what you will be using it for. Envision how you will lay out any chosen furniture or decor. How much space will you need to comfortably fit everything you’d like? What amount of deck does your budget allow for?

Consult Zoning Ordinances

Always make sure your deck is legal. 518.Renovations is here to help you determine what is or is not allowed on your Fulton County property.

Choose Your Materials Well

Wise material choices can save you time, money and grief. A few wonderful options include pressure-treated lumber, select hardwoods, cedar, aluminum, and certain composites.

Deck additions are popular for a reason. They make attractive locations for socializing, enjoying the weather, and increase property value as well as the square footage of your Fonda home.

Our professionals on the 518.Renovations team are well-practiced in deck additions and can help you navigate the tricky legal waters of zoning. In addition, we can provide you with a multitude of options to help make your deck-related decisions easier.

If you are in the market for a deck addition today or would like to plan one for the next summer season, call us to schedule your consultation at 518-348-9000 or [email protected].

It’s time to bring out the best in your home.

518Renovations services the following areas in New York: Johnstown, Fulton County, Gloversville, Mayfield, Broadalbin, Northville, Sacandaga Lake, and Amsterdam.

Fulton County Deck Construction
Let’s take a moment to imagine a scene. A group of friends and family is barbequing together on the rustic new deck of a charming home, laughing about old times and enjoying the cool backyard breeze.

Assuming you are not reading this article in the dead of winter, this could be your home in just a few months time. Yes, you heard us right. If you can envision a deck on your home, we at 518Renovations can make your dream a reality whether your budget is on the low end or high.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of a deck addition and how to plan one read on.


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