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Is Horizontal Or Vertical Siding Right For Me?

Home siding can take your house from good to great. While many people still favor having their home’s natural sides on display, let’s face it – sometimes, that can just be a little ugly. With 518 Home Siding, however, you can make your home positively pop, and with a range of styles and materials available, home siding is infinitely customizable to your needs and desires. 

But it all starts with the direction. Of all of the siding styles, the two classic ones – horizontal siding and vertical siding – are those that have stood the test of time. But there are a surprising number of differences between the siding styles beyond just how they look, and it’s important to take everything into account before you choose. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, and put together everything you need to know about each style, to help you make your choice. 

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Horizontal Siding – Positives

The most obvious advantage of horizontal siding, in our view, is that classic look. Horizontal siding gives you a traditional look of sideways slats that everyone looking for Home Siding Broadalbin adores, and whether you’re going for wooden, vinyl, or aluminum siding, it’s hard to fault the image. 

There’s also the price to consider. Horizontal siding tends to be a little cheaper than vertical siding, due in part to the amount of labor involved and coverage needed. As a result, if you’re feeling budget-conscious about Home Siding Amsterdam, or you’re adding siding to a rental or a property to sell on, it’s a cheaper way to get a great look.

Finally, ease of application is another huge positive. Generally, horizontal siding is quicker and easier to install than vertical, which not only means that your job will be done faster, but your cost will likely be lower too. 

Horizontal Siding – Negatives

When it comes to Home Siding, it’s all about maintenance in the long term. Horizontal siding can be more difficult to clean than its vertical counterpart, and as moisture works its way into the sides of the boards it can create mold and mildew that’s slightly cumbersome to get rid of. Vertical siding, on the other hand, tends to be faster to clean.

One other significant drawback of horizontal siding is its comparative life span. Due to the design of the boards overlapping horizontally, it makes it easier to water damage to fester and things to deteriorate faster. While your siding style can help reduce the risk of this (cement siding, for example, tends to hold up for longer), the fact is that horizontal siding will likely need to be replaced quicker in some circumstances.

Vertical Siding – Positives

With vertical siding for your Home Siding, you have in-built drainage due to the vertical design. As such, it makes cleaning your vertical siding a doddle. Any rain or collection of dirt will have a better likelihood of simply draining down to the ground, instead of lingering in horizontal siding and gradually deteriorating the side of your home. 

And, at the end of the day, it all comes down to style. While we’re a fan of siding of any spec, vertical siding just has something different about it and can stand out from the pack when compared to horizontal siding. Vertical siding can veer towards giving your home a more European, or stately, look than horizontal siding. 

Vertical Siding – Negatives

While vertical siding certainly is unique, it can also be more niche. If you’re planning on keeping your home for decades to come, this may not be a huge problem, but things start to get troublesome when you’re selling on. Home Siding in Gloversville comes down to personal taste, and if the majority of people buying are looking for horizontal siding, you could face a potential difficulty selling your home or a price cut. 

Vertical siding is also harder to install. Due to the increased difficulty and labor involved, and more steps on its way to installation, it can take way longer to get vertical siding in place and to ensure it’s smooth and well-balanced. Additionally, this can mean that due to the increased labor and steps taken, vertical siding can also be more costly than horizontal siding, a huge factor to consider. 

The Bottom Line

Both horizontal and vertical siding boils down to personal taste, but multiple factors can affect your choice. By checking out our handy guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision, to get the siding of your dreams. 

For more information about home siding, contact 518 Renovations now. Their team of reliable experts can tell you everything you need to know for Home Siding Gloversville, Home Siding Johnstown, Home Siding Broadalbin, Home Siding Mayfield, Home Siding Fonda, Home Siding Amsterdam, Home Siding Northville and 518 Home Siding Fulton County. Get in touch now. 

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