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7 Warning Signs It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Windows or Doors:

Your Frames are Warped

Warping is, unfortunately, an extremely common problem. Bends are formed which in turn cause gaps where air can escape in or out. This leads to higher costs for heating and cooling your home, as your systems need to work so much harder than they should to keep the environment at the desired temperature.

This form of damage is most often caused by moisture in the wood of the frame. Without a doubt, any wooden window or door frame will suffer damage from moisture, but a well-designed frame is built to prevent this as much as possible with proper grain flow and finishing.

Wood is not your only option for windows, however. Other materials to look into include clad, aluminum and vinyl. Doors as well are not limited to wood only options. We are happy to consult with you regarding whether glass, steel, and fiberglass doors are better selections for your unique Fulton County home.

Cracks Have Appeared in Your Windows

Cracked windows are highly dangerous and can fall at any time because they cause structural damage. If something hits your window, even a gust of wind, the glass can fall and shatter. Make sure to consult a professional immediately if you find cracks in your windows.
Door cracks, though not as dangerous, are still problematic. They may appear in the panels or frame and, in addition to being unsightly and indicating potential structural problems, can make your Gloversville home an attractive target for burglars if it’s your front door that’s damaged.

Heating/Cooling Expenses Are Too High

Assuming you are not overusing your heater or AC and that you are taking average temperature regulation costs into account, it could very well be that your bills are too high due to drafty windows or lingering gaps in the doors and windows of your Johnstown home.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Major storms can wreak havoc on glass windows and doors. Luckily there are options out there for those who live in areas with extreme weather. If you live in the Sacandaga Lake area it is important to have windows that can withstand the weather that your home will endure. Feel free to schedule an appointment with 518 Renovations to discuss safer window choices for you and your family.

An Aesthetic Mismatch In Your Home

Are the windows or doors in your otherwise beautiful home an eyesore? It’s time for them to go.

Visible deterioration, chipped paint, stains, or even simply poor aesthetic design is just not acceptable. You deserve to be proud of your Broadalbin home. Whenever you’re ready to resell your property you’ll sure be glad you upgraded because you’ll likely find many more interested parties.

Your Windows are Single Pane , Your Doors are Nearly Impossible to Open and Close

Many old Mayfield homes still sport single pane windows which unfortunately are not up to today’s standards. In addition to being prone to drafts, they are also not especially safe. If you are struggling to open and close your doors, whether they are interior or exterior, it’s time to invest in repairs or replacements. It may seem like just a minor annoyance if the doors in question are interior, but your door’s job is to open and close. If it can’t do that well, it’s not serving its purpose.

Your Residence Has Too Little Noise Insulation

Perhaps it sounds like the neighbors’ kids are right there with you in the kitchen every morning. The culprit for this lack of noise insulation may just be old windows or doors.

Imagine the peace you’ll feel when no longer perpetually disturbed by the sounds of backyard soccer matches or honking cars in your Northville home.

As you can see, many of the same signs that your windows are in need of repair or replacement ring true for doors too. If you’re not sure which fixtures need to be updated, give us a call.

Details matter. We believe it’s essential to never stop improving, and we know that the minor alterations you make to your home can make an enormous impact. If you’re ready for a consultation regarding window or door repair and replacement, call 518.Renovations today at 518-348-9000 or [email protected]

We’re looking forward to helping you.

518Renovations services the following areas in New York: Johnstown, Fulton County, Gloversville, Mayfield, Broadalbin, Northville, Sacandaga Lake, Fonda, and Amsterdam.

518 Window and Door Installation

With all the more glamorous construction projects you might take on to freshen up your home like a kitchen remodeling, a sunroom renovation, or investing in an addition, (hyperlink all three to relevant articles) the more mundane upgrades like window or door replacements and repairs can end up on the backburner.

Yet, a fresh new set of windows or doors can profoundly alter the atmosphere and feel of your Fonda home, subtly shifting the ambiance of a space from cramped and uncomfortable to relaxed and cozy or modern and fresh. Whatever your design scheme, there is a window or door to match that will reinforce your vision for your Amsterdam property.

These deceptively small changes can make a big difference not just in the aesthetic of your home, but in its resale value tomorrow and even your heating and cooling bills today. In other words, sometimes the best home improvement options for you may very well lie in window or door updates or upgrades.

Fortunately, these household fixtures give warning signs that they’re on their last legs, so it’s important that you pay attention. We’ve gathered all the clues to watch out for here, just for you.


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